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soo i still don't really have word on my computer, so putting these here for safekeeping, wrote them during September

marluxia ficCollapse )

Reno ficCollapse )

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Title: 3:10 to Central
Rating: PG ish
Genre: light crack?
Pairing: roy/ed
Summary: stolen kisses stolen trains, life on the run with Roy Mustang. scene stolen and modified from 3:10 to Yuma

NOTE PLS: okay this fic is Old Crap, meaning it is one of the first roy/ed fics i wrote. Basically, it's here for laughs or hell someone might genuinely like it, but lmao feel free to point out my crappy crapness with it, i will most likely laugh

I've been in the desert on a horse with no name...Collapse )

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Title: A Moment of Courtesy
Rating: PG
Genre: Diet Fluff, no calories or anything but still satisfying!
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Ed/Roy
Warning: my sense of humor is still regrowing, so no warnings for now
Summary: Just some snippy between the two, more of an exercise in interaction with dialog for me

A/N: interesting thing about couches, apparently in the 1800s they were primarily seat for the ladies. And the word sofa is Arabic. Thanks Wikipedia!

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So. It has come to my attention that I haven't posted anything in a while and haven't commented on anything or anyone that i normally follow/read, or basically commented on anything. I am not dead. I hope that will please the approx. 3 people that actually look at this, hahaha <3

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, it's not so much writer's block as it is just not writing. But I have a few things up my slightly smelly sleeve that I'll be putting up in the next few days, such as a fic I find terribly Boring but was birthed anyway, and some Old Stuff that will be good for a few laughs and will make me feel better about my writing now

So I just wanted to say sorry to the people who have actually been doing things and i haven't shown my appreciation for you because really, more often then not it's your fics that keep me amongst the living

Overview: I am alive and still lacking that wicked sense of humor i always wanted, I will be posting some crap in the next few days, and I feel bad about not telling people how much I love them because I do so love them and their writing
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Title: A Moment's Reprieve, Part 3/3
Rating: PG
Genre: more fluff than your average (teddy) bear
Pairing: roy/ed
Warning: once again, I'm not clever
Summary: Final part out of 3 quasi-domestic ficlets. This one has some similarities (clothing, etc) but is NOT a continuation of any of the others. Rather, how Ed wakes up compared to Roy

Ed stumbled down the hallway...Collapse )
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Title: A Moment's Reprieve, Part 2/3
Rating: PG
Genre: try not to suffocate in all the fluff
Pairing: roy/ed
Warning: i can't think of anything clever this time around...
Summary: Part 2 of a set of quasi-domestic ficlets. they can all be stand-alones, since they aren't part of an overall fic, i just grouped them together because they are similar thematically
ALSO: really sorry this took so long-my computer has had a virus for a week, and i'm visiting my grandparents right now, so i commandeered the computer. and i just re-read it and am now hoping i didn't make them too out of character

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Title: A Moment's Reprieve, Part 1/3 
Author: b_borealis
Rating: PG
Genre: meh, fluff
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warnings: mustang should be his own warning 
Summary: Part 1 out of 3 little quasi-domestic ficlets. Because it's Sunday and I'm lazy, and I think they deserve a to be lazy as well.


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 so i havent put anything up in a while, but here is a short thing i just wrote, for a friend

Title: Alcohol
Pairing: GreedxKimbley
Rating: PG w/e

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okay i am a  horrible person and still havent re-posted the links even though like, three people have asked me too
i promise promise promise that i will put them up within the next week
i feel really awful because i want to spread the love here, but unfortunately life decides to say "hope, fuck that, you get to do math and physics instead"

so yes. im really sorry. but they will be up by next friday.
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i solemnly swear that i will re-post the links tonight

im going to do my math homework and some of whatever else i have left then i will be back to re-post them

i'll put up both MF and YSI

im really sorry for the delay-dont you just hate it when life gets in the way?
(and how that rhymed...)
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